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Stage 1 Basic Rations



Stage 1 Basic Rations - Wheat Is Not Bread

Stage 2 - Comfortable Living

Sanitation Overview

Part 1 - Composting Toilets

Part 2 - Composting Toilets

Introduction to Bio Sand Filter



Bio Sand Filter

Lighting - Candles, Lamps & Solar

Homemade Yogurt

Water-Showers, Sinks and Drains

72 Hour Kit - Part 1 - Determining Your Purpose

72 Hour Kit - Part 2 - My Kit

Quick Vinegar Cheese


Five in One Rocket Stove

Evolution of the Rocket Stove


1 comment:

  1. We just browsed this whole website, read all the "feed my soul" quotes, and watched all of the posted videos. :)
    It really got us thinking in the right direction:
    Taking an inventory of where we currently are in preparedness, and making plans of where to go from here...
    Thank you for all the GREAT information, & for making getting prepared seem like less of a daunting task. ;)
    We appreciate all the time you have put into lessening the "learning curve" for the rest of us!!!
    We look forward to implementing what we have learned, and will check back often...
    Stefni Jo :) & Aaron Dee :)
    P.S. Our goal for tomorrow is to make the bio-sand filter. ;)