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I am not claiming to be  an expert on the bio sand filter. If you look through and read the links that I have listed or look around the web and find your own info, you will know as much about them as I do. I just read a few websites and watched a few youtube videos and then thought I would try it.
The bio part of the filter is what I am not sure about yet. But from what I have read it will grow in the water on top of the sand. Once you put water into the filter you need to keep using it. This will keep the water from getting stagnant and the new water coming in brings O2 to feed the good bacteria that you need. There needs to always be ½” to ¾ “ inch of water above the sand level, but not more than 1 inch. So you have to position your exit drain at the right height to accomplish that. I was just playing around with some pvc that I had and I got a few parts but there is no exact way to make the capture tubes inside or the exit pipe on the outside, it is all just gravity flow.
Also another thing to keep in mind is the water that comes down onto the sand from the top bucket needs to come in slowly and be well dispersed. If you just dump the water into the sand it would roll the sand and you would loose the filtering capacity. That is why, as you can see in the picture that there are lots of little holes on the dispersing plate (bucket lid) and a few little holes in the bottom of the upper bucket.
The gravel goes in the bottom on top of the uptake tubes and needs to cover them the gravel is there to stop the sand from getting into the tubes. Then the sand goes on top of that, up to the height required to have ½” to ¾” standing water above the sand.  

Parts needed for Bio-Sand Filter:
1 5 gallon bucket with lid
1 6 gallon bucket with lid
PVC fittings (all 1/2 inch):
4 half inch plugs
3 half inch elbows
1 elbow with pipe fitting on one side and pipe thread on the other side (female thread)
1 1/2 inch 4 way
1 1/2 inch nipple, pipe threads on one side receive pipe on other side
rubber gasket that goes on the inside of a garden hose
5 feet of half inch pipe

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Bio Sand Filter

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