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The information below is condensed for your convenience, but very important. Please take the time to read through the entire page to help you understand the 3 stage program. 

Provident means showing foresight in providing carefully for the future and being economical, frugal and thrifty. The information in the 3 stage program is meant to be a guide to help you to prioritize your provident goals. Often times when we set out to make the preparations we know we need, two common things happen: 1) we get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do or where to start so we do nothing.  2) we see some cool survival toy that has a good sales pitch and we spend our limited funds on a gadget that we don’t really need at the cost of not getting the essentials. So, I have outlined the 3 stages. A good rule of thumb is to get set up to live very basically like the pioneers or Little House On the Prairie. The simple basic truths that they lived by, hard work, thrift, basic necessities, make it work. That is the life style that will see us through any disaster be it physical or economical.

As you will see, each stage is broken into 2 parts: food and tools. Always remember that having food is only a part. It is a big part, but whatever food you have, you have to have tools to use it. A can of beans is good but it is better with a can opener handy. So, as you go through, look at the tools and the fuel that you will need to cook with.

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Stage one is just that, basic rations. It is simple and hardy food that will keep you alive and will also be simple to prepare. Stage 1 is the foundation. Once you get the foundation, you can start to build on it, but you must have the foundation first. People ask me, why beans, rice and corn? Well they have a lot of nutrition and bulk, they are very cost effective and all you need is a simple pot, water and heat to prepare them. Many ask about wheat. Wheat is fine, but remember, wheat is not bread. Bread takes a lot of ingredients and tools that most people do not have, so start basic first then add to it.

Get the foundation in stage 1. It is cost effective, is it portable and it will keep you and your family alive. Build the foundation and then move to stage two. Avoid fads, gimmicks and sales pitches. Simple and basic will last, it has worked from the beginning of time and it will work for you.

I like to recommend putting things in 5 gallon buckets. It is a good long term storage option. When they are empty you have a tool to carry water, remove waste or refill without a machine. They are water tight, mouse proof and durable.


Stage 1 - Basic Rations
 Stage 1 - Basic Rations (Wheat is not bread)

Stage two is comfortable living and that is really a good place where we all want to be. Stage two is more fun than stage one but stage two is the house that is built on the foundation of stage 1. You have to have that strong foundation first. Stage two is supplementing the basic food in stage one with more fun and diverse food, specific ingredients and the tools to make more complete meals. This is where the bread comes in with your tools for grinding and baking your wheat, and specific ingredients of yeast, oil, honey, sugar, and so on. I love homemade bread, but wheat alone is not bread.

Be wise with the ingredients that you get. Spices and herbs are good tasting and good for you. Oils can add an important health benefit to your diet. Fruits and vegetables also can be very tasty and good for your health. If you want to can foods, you will need bottles, lids and a canner. This is a tool investment that once you have acquired you can bottle anything from meat to apple pie filling. My grandma did not have a freezer or refrigerator growing up, they just bottled everything to preserve it. If you have a garden, you can put up the produce and have it in the winter.

Stage 2 is more the food you want and the tools to prepare it, keep it basic. There are fun new toys out there like the hand crank flashlight—one of my favorites. But for the most part you want to ask yourself, did my grandma or great grandma have this luxury? If not, the maybe you don’t need it at this stage. Prioritizing is the key to remember. Limited time and funds is what you have to overcome with wisdom and planning.

One more suggestion is to work with your family and friends that you would turn to in a time of difficulty. When you work with these people you can create a strong group. By planning with this group you can prioritize and divide the responsibility so there is no doubling up on expensive tools. One person in your group can get the grinder, one can get a sun oven, one can get a stove, or whatever. The key is in getting the necessary tools and working together.


Stage 2 - Comfortable Living

Stage 3 is what we all want to achieve, but we’re not going to talk about it here. By the time you have finished with stage 2 you will be well on your way to working on stage 3.  So for now, work on stages 1 and 2, and work on getting all your family and friends to complete at least stage 1.

There is no way for me to say how important these preparations are for each of us to make without sounding crazy or too exaggerated. However here is a thought, there will be family and friends that are going to come to you in a time of crisis because they are not prepared. What are you going to do then? Send them away and watch them suffer or starve, or feed them what you have prepared for your own children? Would it not be better to start now and work with these people so that you can all be taken care of in the time of need? It is time to be blunt and open about what needs to happen while we still have time to do something about it.

2 People – 2 Years Minimum Rations
Herbs and Spices San Francisco Herb Company - (415) 861-7174 -
Herbs and Spices
Price per Pound
# of Pounds Needed
Chili Blend
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Cayenne (60 heat)

Honeyville Food Products from Basin Home Survival (View price list here)
54 N Vernal Ave. in Vernal - (435) 789-5888
# of Pounds Needed
9 Grain Cracked Mix (50 pound bag)
4 (50 pound bags)
Raisins – Select (30 pound bag)
2 (30 pound bags)
2 tablespoons 9 grain mix and 1 ounce raisins for breakfast.
Lunch and Dinner
# of Pounds Needed
Rice – Long Grain White (50 pound bag)
2 (50 pound bags)
Whole White Corn (50 pound bag)
1 (50 pound bags)
Lentils (25 pound bag)
2 (25 pound bags)
Pink Beans (25 pound bag)
2 (25 pound bags)
Pinto Beans (25 pound bag)
2 (25 pound bags)
Great Northern Beans (25 pound bag)
2 (25 pound bags)
Blackeye Beans (25 pound bag)
2 (25 pound bags)
1 cup cooked mix per person for lunch and dinner.
Real Salt
RealSalt Redmond Trading  475 West 910 South  Heber City, Utah 84032 800-367-7258
# of Pounds Needed
Real Salt
25 pounds
Scant ½ teaspoon salt per person per day.
                                                                                                            Grand Total $483.95

·         Rocket stove
·         Immune support  
·         2 cast iron pans (large and small)
·         good pot
·         Futura pressure cooker – 5 liter or 7 liter (cook beans in 1 hour). Look on
·         Hygiene, toilet paper, soap, hydrogen peroxide, feminine sanitation 
·         Coats, blankets
·         Water filtration and purification ‘MMS’ Purification
·         Axe and/or machete and shovel
·         First aid kit medical supplies
·         Tarp, tent
·         Plastic buckets some with screw top lid  
·         Crank lights

Comfortable living

       ·        Canned goods – meat, fruit, vegetables
·         Bottling meat, fruit and vegetables
·         Condiments
·         Cooking ingredients for breads
·         Freeze dried and dehydrated food
·         Cooking oil, olive oil
·         Popcorn and fun food
·         Things you eat now

      ·         72 hour kit
·         Bottles
·         Wheat grinder
·         Canner
·         Pressure cooker
·         Bigger water filter
·         Wood storage/fuel storage
·         Sun oven
·         Candles
·         Wood stove
·         Gun and ammunition
·         Extra clothes, coats, blanks
·         Good knife basic hand tools
·         Wire and rope
·         Extensive medical kit

Provident living and producing
·         Seeds
·         Gardening tools
·         Well and hand water pump
·         Tipi  or large tent
·         Extra shoes, work boots
·         And much more when you get here you will know it.

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